Moravian Hobit’s Dwelling

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Near the small South Moravian village of Havraníky, Czech Republic, a new experiential winery Thaya has been built, which, in addition to wine production, also offers attractive accommodation hidden under green roofs. The winery was created by transforming a brownfield site and its design was created by the successful architectural firm Jakub Cigler Architekti.

Structurally, the halls are designed as a concrete skeleton, which is filled with solid burnt bricks - again with respect to the traditional materials used for wine production buildings. The appearance of the façades is determined by the face masonry. Behind them is a wide range of HELUZ bricks, chosen for their structural and physical properties.


  • Architectural firm: JAKUB CIGLER ARCHITEKTI
  • Project location: Havraníky, Czech Republic
  • Client: Winery THAYA Havraníky

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