GROHE EcoJoy™ - Conserve water and energy


Save Water. Save energy. Converse resources. How bothersome and bleak that sounds! Yet many of GROHE´s groundbreaking technologies prove that a hands-on sense of responsibility can be invigorating - not only for the environment but also for you. Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort.

All GROHE EcoJoy™ products are systematically designed to save water and energy so that precious resources are conserved. These products, equipped with water-saving technologies, offer the perfect water experience without the need to compromise. Reducing water and energy consumption goes hand in hand with convenience and attractive design. Less water. Perfect flow.


GROHE Watercare®

GROHE WaterCare® is a promise that we, together with our customers, make to secure the future of this precious natural resource. To achieve this GROHE takes many measures.

The products we develop for our customers ensure economical use of water and energy without sacrificing comfort.

About two-thirds of water consumption in private households is accounted for in bathrooms with a WC or urinal. As much as a third of water consumption is flushed down the toilet. Contemporary sanitary technology, such as our dual flush technology, which helps to use up to 50% less water.

GROHE is offering a full spectrum of water-saving products – for bath, shower, and sanitary installation.

Single-lever mixers

GROHE single-lever mixers – on numerous models across all style and price segments, integrated technology automatically reduces water consumption by up to 50% compared to standard rates every time the faucet is turned on, yet still ensures that same perfect flow.





GROHE Showers – for your perfect shower experience, a built-in technology effortlessly saves up to 40% of water on selected models, while delivering all features and performance you would expect from a GROHE shower.




Sanitary systems

GROHE Sanitary systems – ecologically sensible: GROHE cisterns use water very sparingly. The start/stop and dual flush systems offer the opportunity of selecting one´s preferred economical flush.




Touchless faucets

GROHE special fittings – thanks to the electronic control, water only flows through these mixers when needed. Depending on the model, the mixer automatically turns off and saves water when the user removes his hands, for example during 50% soaping, of after a pre-set time.






GROHE Thermostats – with GROHE Thermostats, the desired water temperature is reached within a fraction of a second and reliably maintained for the duration of your shower. No more time and water wasted while fiddling with controls to get 50% the temperature right!

Take responsibility willingly

Sustainability in GROHE

In this day and age, would anyone still allow liters of unused water to mindlessly pour down the drain while brushing their teeth? Today, our awareness of the precious nature of this element is much too great.

Only three percent of the Earth’s water is drinkable. For GROHE, the conscious, economical use of energy and resources is not just a challenge but also a great pleasure. That’s why we channel all of our inventive spirit into masterminding sustainable systems. For example, our GROHE EcoJoy™ technology has long been a self-evident part of many of our fittings and showers. It helps save up to 68 percent of water used – and truly lives up to its name.

Of course, it’s not just in the bathroom but also in the kitchen that GROHE translates active eco-mindedness into comfort and convenience your conscience can live with. Now, for instance, you can rest easy and enjoy the luxury of running boiling-hot water straight from the tap. Thanks to GROHE Red®, you need less energy at the end of the day than when you heat water the conventional way. And with GROHE Blue®, you’re permanently spoilt for choice between cool, still table water and refreshing sparkling water without a truckload of mineral water bottles ever having to make the journey into your home. This way, you even save the energy of having to carry them upstairs.

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