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Lightway company realizes shading of roof skylights and building envelopes using a special semi-permeable fabric and sophisticated mechanical fixing to the roof skylight structure with the product LIGHTWAY StopHeat 43.

This ingenious system prevents excessive heating the interior from the roof skylights and large windows thereby fundamentally reduces energy consumption for cooling and increases comfort people inside the building.
The main design element is a sleeve or cover made of a special fabric that is lightweight and easily removable or reversible for the winter season when daylight needs to be brought into the hall and heat gains need to be made.

LWSH43 is designed to be year round, no need to dismantle it for the winter period. If is left on the roof skylight over the winter, it reduces heat loss of the skylight and thus saves the heating costs of the building.
Conversely, from spring to autumn prevents 60% of the heat from penetrating from the sun‘s rays and thus significantly reduces on the interior the heat load on the interior of the hall.

Year of market release: 2021

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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