The Manta Ray

Daniel Chvojka, Kateřina Bílková, Jana Sládková, Ilya Buriak, Kristýna Vořechová, Petr Karal
Czech Republic

Project idea

The Manta Ray hotel is a sustainable complex of buildings with a timeless design. Our visitors will be immediately struck with awe at the majestic and graceful looking headquarters of the hotel located in the highest building. If we looked at buiding from above, one would be reminded of a gigantic manta ray, swimming in an endless ocean of people, nature and buildings. The smaller parts around should represent water flow and there will be two big pools on both sides in back and an aquapark in the centre. The smaller towers define the borders of the premises.
Although it is intended for the purposes of a hotel and an area for residents, it is an intelligent complex creating a safe and enjoyable environment for its surroundings.
Visually, the main tower is divided into three parts.
The lower grounds, bearing the foundations of the whole structure, create a gigantic atrium in its centre. Near the final ceiling are stragically placed open spaces that let fresh air in and distribute it around all its floors, ensuring good oxygen circulation with no outside energy. For the winter season, turbines can be installed, that generate energy required for heating of the whole building, making the hotel completely self-sustainable during these months. This technology was specifically consulted with an expert organization specializing in sustainable development of intelligent buildings. On these floors will be located all cultural centres like fitness, cinemas, high-end shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, big aquariums etc.. Above is located a park area with trees, terraces, flower beds and green areas. They are openair and should be used as resting area. However, if you are in the mood for an active sport, you can use any of the many sporting grounds available - basketball, football and volleyball courts. As a fun afternoon activity, you can play golf on specially designated places, shooting golf balls from up above onto the ground golfing area.
The middle part of the hotel, from around 150 to 420 meters, is intended to be a residential area. There is a wide range of different suites available, starting with cheaper rooms furnished with only basic utilities including a small kitchen, bathroom without a jacuzzi, and furniture (made with ethically sourced mahogany). With rising floors, we can find more and more luxurious rooms, with better views and comfortable spaces, along with a top tier room service. In the VIP suites you have one of the best opportunities to see the whole city from up above, every day directly from your king-sized bed.
In the top area, last 10 floors, is a restaurant awarded with 3 Michelin stars, a nightclub for parties and a ballroom for formal events. The last meters are for technical purposes only.
If you can not afford any rooms in the main building, there are still 5 lower towers surrounding the headquarters, which are all also used as a residential area with hotel suites. They are all ecological and composed to be more in tune with the surrounding nature.