Sound is an invisible yet powerful force within a building. It has the power to distract and frighten or to soothe and enhance performance. This is why Ecophon meets the needs of schools, offices, and hospitals with sound-absorbing wall and ceiling solutions and systems of the highest quality. Our products ensure spaces that are free of unwanted sound – the very definition of “noise” – and that the sound you need to create is controlled and enhanced.   

Our products are also backed by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), giving you the power to make informed choices about the environmental impacts of your specifications. We live our commitment to the environment through full transparency and recycling and recyclability, paving the way to carbon neutrality by 2050. For more detailed information on our sustainability actions and commitments, please go here

Ecophon is a supporter of the European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab & the Innovative Learning Environments and Student Experience (ILE+SE) Scoping Study. For more information about our past projects in education, please visit and click on the “Educational Environments” filter.  

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