Wienerberger is a company with a two-hundred-year tradition, which is used in its innovative way of producing materials and providing services for modern and sustainable living. It is the innovation and development of new products in accordance with the requirements of today's world that makes Wienerberger a leader in the field of modern building materials and system solutions for your entire building.
The innovation is our main driving force therefore we are looking to improve processes inside the company, as well as to simplify our operation externally. Among the other innovative projects, which we deal with mainly include the development of robotics masonry, continuation of the e4 program and expansion to the field of photovoltaics.

The Wienerberger company offers a comprehensive assortment of ceramic products. Burnt building materials predominate with material qualities in comparison with the others. Living within them is healthy and comfortable. We also want to be considered as a responsible company then we have adopted the topic of sustainable development and social responsibility (ESG) as our own, as well as the environment protection. 

In the following photo you can see a map of our production facilities:

Building a house is not that complicated with the right materials and tools – House Configurator and the Program e4 House
For your building, you can choose the Porotherm masonry system, fired Tondach roof tiles, Terca facing bricks and cladding tapes, and Penter brick paving from the Wienerberger portfolio.

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