A new dimension of comfort in a solitary bathtub


A New Ravak solitary bathtub Ypsilon was first introduced at prestigious design exhibition Designblock. It was named Ypsilon after its silhouette, resembling the letter Y with its gently curving line.

The author Kryštof Nosál describes the free-standing Van Ypsilon with the phrase "soft geometry".
He has softened the regularity and strict symmetry by a sensitive conception of the external lines with an almost romantic feel.
Its uncomplicated shape corresponds to contemporary modern design, but at the same time provides a new dimension of comfort.

The new RAVAK bathtub expands slightly to the sides at the shoulder area, inviting you to comfortable arms placement, opening the chest, and relaxing the neck and head. The comfort of lying in the Ypsilon bathtub in combination with
with the effects of the warm bath give the body a unique feeling of freedom.

The Ypsilon solitary bath is designed for bathrooms looking for a natural dominating feature. Its unobtrusive shaped silhouette softens the usual sharply geometric character of other bathroom fittings and evokes a pleasant atmosphere.

Bathtub Ypsilon, acrylic, dimensions 180 x 80 cm, price available from the manufacturer. On sale from January 2021.

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