APZ1 & APZ4 - Perforated Grids Shower Drains

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APZ1 and APZ4 are shower drains with an edge for perforated grids. 
Stainless steel shower drains ALCA bring revolutionary solutions both in cleaning and in water flow volume.

Our designers have developed shower drains ALCA in various types, allowing a perfect fit into diverse bathroom styles. Delivering even more individuality to its owners. Stainless steel shower drain ALCA uses two drain outlet chambers with removable strainers. The lowest installation height for ALCA drains is 55 mm.
Available also with the vertical flange to be installed directly to the wall of the shower enclosure (APZ4).

Wide range of grids
Whether you let the grid stand out or whether you are a lover of minimalism and want the grid to be optically linked to the floor tiles, it's up to you. We offer a wide selection of interesting grids in various designs and materials. Let yourself be inspired.

Perforated grids ALCA are based on playful variations of geometric shapes. Full grids made of stainless steel and tempered glass or grid with embedded tiles. Two-sided grid - full grid and grid for embedding tiles in one. Prismatic grid has distinctive design that stands out from the standard to become a true feature of the bathroom.

Warranty 25 years.

Year of market release: 2009

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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